Monday, August 23, 2010

scrawling on the pages of life :)

Yesterday I did something random without meaning to :) I stayed up till midnight, chatting online. Which, just so you know, is not my normal practice :P. Although, I do love staying up late! Being a night-owl is what I do best.
I started a conversation with the main characters of my current unfinished novel (all my novels are unfinished at this point) today :). It's helpful, fun, random - it reminds me of being a little kid and conversing with my imaginary friends, only the focus is on the "friend" instead of me.
The whole "little kid" thing is joke. Who am I fooling? (Probably no one. xD) I still have imaginary friends and adventures when I'm alone in my bedroom. I still color with crayons occasionally. Adulthood? What's that? I'm just starting the second stage of being a kid: trying to tell the world it's okay to still goof-off when you want to =)
Anyway, back to my unfinished novels. Or rather, the conversations I have with them. Sometimes I feel like the stories are writing themselves (those are the times I feel like a real writer)! I'm just the tool, typing away on my laptop, shaping the words and adding punctuations, as my characters yell at me to type faster and pay more attention. Which I usually don't do, because I get side-tracked.
I know it's not a very nice thing to just halt your characters right in the middle of whatever they're doing, but my life kind of takes priority over theirs. But I use my characters, because I need them for, eh, recreational purposes (haha) and to make my mark on the world (which may never happen; I suppose I'll come to terms with that gradually).
I made french toast for breakfast this morning. Note: I need to practice cooking more. Adding it to my mental list...

And then, at the end of this babble about myself and what I'm doing, here's a reminder (mostly for myself) to not focus on self: "Do not love the world or the things in the world...for this world is passing away, and everything in it."

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