Invisible Ink

The First book in a two-part series :)

{Excerpt will be on the back of the book...when, you know, I get it published. Course, I have to finish it first. Minor detail :P}


If you use enough invisible ink …
                ….If you squirt more of it out…
                                ….if you write your story in invisible ink….

Will it ever show up? Will someone ever have the eyes to see what’s invisible?

            Ink-stained fingers. A worn leather notebook. She sits in the corner, watching. Writing and sketching at will. A breeze blows at her dark hair, lifting and tangling it, revealing a pair of sharp, magnetic green eyes. She shifts her head, curling her body around the notebook and bending her head towards it.
            She has effectively made herself invisible to the many passers-by. Again.

 ...someone will see her. Someday.
          ….but how long will it take for her to see that she matters – whether anyone notices her or not?