Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I keep changing the blog's "image"; I really can't decide what I'd like to do with it. And I suppose that that stems from the fact that this blog doesn't have a unifying purpose - it just is. I randomly talk about my life and what God is teaching me.

But I could go in a bunch of new directions. Like I could add stuff:

* cooking ideas (always fun...)
* writing exercises/tips/updates/samples of my own work
* random media reviews
* photography

Or I could just generalize the whole blog into one thing:

* spiritual
* writing/literature-related
* inspirational
* my hobbies

Or...well, I'm pretty much out of ideas after that. And I must say, would someone PLEASE help me out with this?! Ideas are helpful - even voting on the ones I listed would be awesome!

But then again, I'm doubtful that anybody's really reading all of this...

If this were a facebook post, I would tag all of my friends so I could make them comment :)

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