Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've got the sniffles...and the writing bug!

(Is there anyone besides me on this planet who has wondered how a nose can be "stuffed up," per se, and yet still be runny all the time? Quite a waste of trees, don't you think? No wonder my nose is getting sore...I've been wiping it with trees -_-)

There's something about being sick in the summer that feels so very, very wrong. Arguing with a stuffy/runny nose doesn't do much good, though (Me: "You shouldn't be bugging me right now, it isn't cold out!" My nose: "Your point is? Really, I should have to be ignored for the greater part of the year, just because you don't like me...").

On the plus side of this complaining about having a cold (yet another reason why you should only have them when it's cold out!), I have been doing lots more writing. Being lazy agrees with me, apparently. I can only take so much of it, though, before I start getting restless and wanting to DO SOMETHING besides sit on the couch all day!

It doesn't help that school has just started; I have to be studying while all my brain wants to do is imagine things. Imagination doesn't help me much with math :P

So...any suggestions on what I should be writing? Besides, you know, the blog (yes, I know this is my second post today, but the other one was so short...). No one gave me feedback on yesterday's post which means *drumroll* ahem, I said, *DRUM ROLL!*


Which means that the blog will stay exactly how it is: random, slightly helpful, and in need of much tweaking. But I'm blaming it on you, my non-existent readers. And if you don't like it, why don't you tell me?? I'd be very happy to know.

Of course, since my emotions and personality tend to change on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, the blog may turn out to be hot pink tomorrow. Or even filled with woodchips. After all, it IS subject to my imagination...

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