Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In case you haven't noticed, I tend to be a bit wordy at times. I mentally (and silently :P) blab all day long, and blogging is the perfect opportunity to put all those thoughts into black-and-white words! :)

I have prolix blogging tendencies. {Look up "prolix" in the dictionary; 'tis a great word!}

But for your sake, I'll try to reform and cut out all the billions of unnecessary words running through my brain...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bug infestation!

I am incredibly and totally sad. My beloved bag of individually-wrapped, Dove dark chocolates is IN THE TRASH! =( Why? Because, when I pulled it out of my stash box (yes, I have a box of stashed candy in my room :P)last night, there was a BUG in it! Gross! Disturbing!

Just so you don't think I'm stupid enough to throw out a whole bag of chocolates all because of one itty bitty bug, I dumped the whole bag of chocolates onto my bed, and found two other bugs in there. I smashed them (of course) with a pen (I'm hopeless when it comes to bugs...trust me), and then let the chocolates sit there for a while, as if I thought they would magically become safe to consume again.

Then I went to the opposite end of my bed and curled up with a book.

Later I tossed the chocolate in the trash...and then opened my stash box. Most of the other candy in there was pretty old and gross, so I emptied the whole thing.

Now I have nothing to secretly snack on up in my room! Since I'm pretty job-less, the box may stay empty for a while - I'd rather spend my cash on something that lasts a little longer than candy.

Maybe I'll have to take my box with me wherever I go, and ask for donations :P

If I did, would you drop me a piece of candy? Ha, I thought not. You heartless person. I'll probably go into non-candy shock because of your selfishness.


Another gorgeous day! Simply amazing. Sunlight. Wind. Fresh air.

But the storm is coming. And the rain. Or so the Weather Man (whoever that is) says. The clouds seem to be agreeing with him on that point. I can't help but wish we had great warning signs like that for our lives. Like, "College ahead...but there's a DETOUR" or "You're about to enter the Hurricane Zone - be prepared!"

I suppose we have small warnings like that. Gut feelings, intuition, red flags, our conscience, the Holy Spirit; whatever you want to call it. All I know is, it's there. I just don't usually listen.

But whether you ignore it or not, the rains still come. Maybe they'll wash away your tears. Maybe they'll water you like the dry earth. Or maybe they'll rip you apart like a tree, dismantled and crushed to bits.

The problem isn't knowing the rains are coming. It's knowing when they are, and what they're going to do to you.