My Writings

Let me start by confessing that I have never ever finished writing a book in my entire life.

There. Now you know I am a failure and not a writer (yet) and am a great person to befriend since I will not annoy you with over-blown success stories.

I have dabbled in many writing techniques, including poetry (at which I epically suck - and yes, I know that that is very poor grammar). I like writing fictional tales the best, but I also really enjoy writing songs - they don't have as strict requirements as poetry, and I can incorporate them into my musical ramblings.

I'm still a little hesitant at putting my writing up on the internet. Not that anyone would steal it (you wouldn't, would you? I need it! it's...very personal. stay away from it!). It's just that it is like sharing my soul with the world, and I don't very easily bare my inner thoughts and emotions to people (even my friends are sometimes in the dark).

But, since there is very little likelihood of anyone ever reading this blog (I have a few followers and they do not comment - bad followers! lol), I will put a few excerpts of my writings on this blog.

{They're not here yet. Sorry, my little musings are very shy. You must give them a week or so to come out of hiding :P}

A List of My Novels (all of them unfinished):
Ink Scrawls (the Sequel to Invisible Ink)
Athena: Possessor of Wisdom (Middle Ages time period)
Jaydin Sparks (no relation whatsoever to Jordin Sparks!)
The Dark Offender (title is up for "reformation"
Fairy World (sorry to say that this one is going nowhere fast)
Sweet Obsessions (my current nano novel! :D)
Burning Hearts (fantasy)