Monday, August 30, 2010

5 Things I Love/Am Thankful For :)

1. Hoodies

They are adorable and comfy. Find an over-sized one (guys sweatshirts work great) and snuggle into it on a cool evening. Ah...bliss :)

2. Music

Music is more than sound. It's a connection between the performer and the listener, and it's an intertwinement of words and melody. Okay, trying to describe music is like trying to describe what I feel when I look at the full moon when I'm sad - it's impossible, and trying just makes it worse.

3. Laptops

Portable, personal, and...uh...very lap-ish =)

4. Fans

They are a convenience that is positively priceless when you live in a house without A/C (and I do)! I am so very thankful for them...

5. Sugarrr <3

Sugar is sweet, sugar is nice, sugar is better when you put it on twice. (Ignore my random insertion of silly rhymes and strange poetry.) Anyway, sugar - though not healthy in the least - is a wonderful thing! EVERYTHING is better with a little sugar on it :)

This post is reminding me to feel thankful when I am currently in one of my "moods." I get a "weird feeling"; I just don't feel like myself, and I dislike myself, and I am strongly inclined to do stupid things that I regret the next day. And what's even more annoying is that "dying to myself" is just not going well. =/

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