Bucket List

Ah...I have a bucket list. I never thought of putting it up here until recently reading the one that Jenn posted on her blog (may I just say, Jennifer, that your list is rather short?).

About a month or two ago, I took down my most recent bucket list (...it was on the wall...) and tore it into pieces. Why? Because I thought that it was dumb to focus on a "bucket list" of petty things that I'd love to do instead of living.

...Hello, Caitlin? Doing things off of your bucket list is living. Duh. It's just a more specific type of living.

The strikethroughs are things I've completed.

Move out of my parents house

Snowboard in Colorado

Read all of C.S. Lewis's books


Jump on a moving train, like the hobos during the Depression (sorry Jenn this one is sort of stolen from you. Shall we do it together?)

Go on a missions trip (Thailand Spring 2013)

Swim under a natural waterfall

Swim fully-clothed

Go with a friend to the theater in formal-wear

Bring someone to Christ

Finish writing a novel 

Publish a novel/short story/article

Graduate from high school [woot!] 

Buy a car

Climb a mountain

Fly a kite on the beach

Make a "road trip scrapbook" (like in Elizabethtown)

Complete NaNoWriMo 2010
          Write 100,000 words in one month
Learn swing dance

Learn hip-hop

Be in a wedding  (completed March 2011)

Ride in a hot air balloon

Go skydiving!

Scuba dive/snorkel

Dye hair an unnatural shade (Purple, blue, and magenta...it was kind of epic)

Go on a road trip with a group of friends

Go on a road trip alone

People watch for an afternoon (not something difficult to complete, but it was interesting) 

Sail in a sailboat

Take surfing lessons

Start a whipped cream/shaving cream fight 

Adopt a child (I don't know what God has planned for my life, but this is something I'd love to do someday...if I get married...)

Learn the constellations


Go to Cedar Point (completed August 2010) 

Ride on a train (Chicago 2009)

Ride in a glass-bottomed boat 

Wear something crazy and go somewhere public [I think dressing up as a pirate and going to Easton qualifies ;)]

Learn how to knit 

Take a photography class

Learn graffitti from a street artist

See the Northern Lights

Go kayaking with friends

Hit someone in the face with hard-serve ice cream

Slap a guy (boo yah!!)

Start a blog 

Punch a guy. In the face. Hard. 

Invent something - no matter how big or how small.

Learn how to braid my own hair

Acquire a pair of RED shoes

Compose and record one of my own songs
Open a coffee shop

Create/design my own library 

Hopefully, there will be more to come...and whole lot more strikethroughs! 

(I do apologize for all that unnecessary to-do at the beginning. You really just wanted to see the list, didn't you?)