Hey :)

That sounds so...boring.

Greetings, fair reader, how may I help you? (ooh, I sound like a grandmother fairy...)

Maybe we shouldn't get into the whole salutation thing right now. It's better if we just stay on subject. If you must know, I tend to ramble like a lost sheep (not that I LIKE sheep :P) all over the place when I write and when I talk (and I write more than I talk). So you might be thrust into random rabbit trails at any moment.

You have been forewarned.

I'd like to start by saying that I really, really love to read. And I really, really love to write! If you have helpful ideas or websites that are about those things, I will be happy to take a look.

Fiction is one of the greatest inventions EVER. Well, I suppose the imagination is the greatest invention ever, but God created that, and I can't take any credit for having a reasonably good one (and I think I can honestly say that I do have a good imagination).

I know to some of you, I seem to be just beginning life - and in some ways, I suppose that's true. But I really feel like I've lived a lot during my eighteen years on earth.

Like everyone else, I want to make my mark on the world. I realize that this starts in the little things: my family, my friends, my immediate actions, my choices. It doesn't mean I'm going to be a millionaire (I'm not sure I want to be anyway). It simply means that my life isn't all about ME.

Let me tell you, trying to be focused on other things besides yourself isn't easy (especially when you have a blog!). So why am I doing this to myself? Because God is the only thing that matters. Say what you will about relationships, fame, money, a good reputation, music, writing...our whole world is fragile. None of this stuff is going to last - or even matter - when you're dead.

(Bringing up death in a bio is probably not a very good sign. But I like being unconventional that way :) And, really, we all have to face death one way or movies, in blogs :P Okay, enough joking: death will find you. End of subject.)

So my main focus is God and bringing Him glory. I'm not the best resource on God or religion, but that's okay - He's teaching me what I need to know.

Here I am. This is me. Writing for all to see. And if you'd like to stick around, please join me on this adventure of all things writing and God and blogging! I'll let you follow me, I really will, and I promise not to call you a stalker (unless, of course, you really are a that case, I don't like being stalked, but I suppose you could hang around - just don't interfere; things might get ugly).