Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the HUNGER GAMES tee shirt

Hello everyone:)

I recently got a new obsession: The Hunger Games. I know, ya'll are probably sick of the paraphernalia, hype, and controversy surrounding the book/movie series, blah, blah, blah...but seriously. The books are amazing.

And the movie just made my month. It was very close to the book.

Anyway, in preparation for going to see the movie, I decided to make myself a tee shirt. Here is how I did it }

{You will need}
A tee shirt (I used a black one from Goodwill)
Yellow/gold/orange fabric or another tee shirt
Red embroidery floss
Needle and thread and/or a sewing machine
A pattern for the design

1. Start with your pattern.

I used the mockingjay symbol from the Hunger Games. I found an image on Google and printed it off as a full-page photo.
I printed off three copies. One, for reference, to get an idea of the full picture. The second one for the the circle. And the third one for the bird itself. I found that it looked better and more layered by breaking the design into two or three pieces.

2. Assess the materials.

This oh-so-complicated step consists of one thing: deciding where you're going to put the design. My tee shirt had a bit of a scoop neck, so I decided to attach the design to the back center of the shirt.

3. Cut out your bird.

Cut out both the circle and the bird from their respective pages, then pin the paper to the yellow/gold/orange fabric. Carefully cut around the paper outlines. Unpin the paper. And, voila, you have a yellow circle and a yellow bird!
[The yellow tee shirt I used was very thin, so I doubled it up when cutting out the bird. I only did a single layer for the circle, though.] As you can see, the fabric version of the mockingjay is not nearly as cool as the paper copy. To simulate the same shadows, etc., here's what I did. I took a pencil and drew a few lines (along the wing, the beak, and the tail). Then, when I was attaching the bird to the shirt, I followed those lines with the sewing machine, thus attaching the bird and embellishing it at the same time.

Yes, I know, I'm brilliant.

4. Attach the design to the shirt.
I wanted my shirt to look sort of vintage and rustic and not crazy-insane-fan-made (you know the spray paint creations I'm talking about). So I used black thread in my sewing machine to attach the yellow mockingjay to my black tee shirt. It showed up really well.
I sewed two lines around the circle, because it was wider than I intended. This left some fabric for a sort of frayed look, adding to the vintage feel.

It was really easy. Trust me. If you don't own a sewing machine, you could always hand-sew all of it, or even use fabric glue, though that might not hold up well for multiple wearings.

After the circle, I attached the bird using the afore-mentioned technique of adding a design to the bird using the sewing machine. A little more difficult, but give it some time. It's worth it.

5. The arrow.
You could leave your shirt like that. It would look perfectly fine. But I like embellishments, so I decided to add the arrow that the mockingjay is holding in its mouth. I first cut out my paper arrow counterpart and pinned the two tips to the shirt to get a vague idea of size and direction. I grabbed a large-eyed needle, red embroidery floss, and got to work using a basic back-stitch. It was easy! Except that...I kind of got impatient and the arrow turned out a bit crooked in the middle.

Oh well :)

And that's it! I do regret that I didn't put the design on the front of the tee shirt...but I still love it. And you could use this same type of method to create almost any emblem or symbol from your favorite books/movies.


p.s. Several people said that I should make more and sell them. One, I regrettably don't have enough time, and two, in order to mass-produce them, I'd need more uniform materials and money...and I pretty much just raided Goodwill for this project. lol!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tips From The One {Still} Awake

Checking in again. I've been busy, in my absence. Projects to be blogged about (complete with pictures) soon! I'm not sure I'll have time this week, as it's spring break and all -- priorities, you know.

Black nail polish with silver sparkles on top looks rad.

If you plan a day just for packing for vacation, make it a different day than the one right before you leave.

Want to smell nice for less? Take a quick walk around the mall - Victoria's Secret and American Eagle have the best fragrances. Plus, you'll get a little extra exercise.

Those are just my tips for the week. Stay tuned for more to come, as I'm off on a new adventure (I'll let you know when I arrive), and I'll probably make some mistakes to blog about.

It's two in the morning here. I've been switching off from Breaking Benjamin and Bleach, two older bands that are relatively new to my music portfolio. Why am I up? Don't ask.

No, really, don't ask. You're liable to get a different answer every time anyway.

Check out Pinterest, while you're at it (find me as kcaittodd). There's infinite possibility on this site and it's a great way to share ideas and borrow some new ones!

I do apologize if this post was boring. I just needed to write and I couldn't think of a better place. There's always 750words (the perfect literary microphone for ranting into cyberspace), but I didn't feel like tossing rocks into an infinite black hole. No thanks. I'd rather know that my words at least have the possibility of being read.

Good night at last! Bonsoir!
~ KoreeGirl ~ The Adventurous One in her Attic Bedroom ~

ps. because my posts aren't complete without a postscript..
pps. ...what do you think about Macs? Good, bad, waste of money, gods of technology?

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Words

Snow. How I'd love a bit more of it covering the ground outside.

I refuse to beg forgiveness for the fact that I haven't posted in a while. I have a life, and I am entitled to a break every now and then. [I really did miss you all, though.]

The only story I've ever finished is a novel that I ended up calling "Average." (This was my NaNo novel that I'm sure I've mentioned before.) I actually self-published it and can now hand out copies to my friends/family to read. Hopefully this shows people that a) I'm serious about writing, and b) that I can write.

I worked on that novel for about two years total - wow. Two years of my life. I've changed a lot since the initial idea came to me, and I haven't really created anything new in a while...

It's time to write again.

My next novel is already begun. I'd love for it to be a series, but I don't know if I have enough plot or ideas to keep it going. We shall see. The book will be divided up between a guy's perspective, Dominic, and a girl's perspective, Alana. It is NOT a love story. There may be a bit of romance somewhere along the way, but that is not the premise or focus, yada yada yada. Dominic and Alana's lives are twisted together in a different sort of way.

A writing tip (for you and for me): make sure you know what you are getting into. Why? Because in order for a story to "create itself," to flow, to have a perfect ending, you - the author - must first know your characters and setting forwards and backwards.

I've started several novels with just an idea or a scene in my head and I take it as far as I can just by that (usually about 10-20 pages). And then I leave it alone, because I had no idea what I was trying to create in the first place. So don't follow me that way...This novel, I'm doing it right.

I'm asking myself reader questions. Who is Alana? Why does she do what she does? What are the other conflicts in the story that push the plot along? Etc.

Don't get too caught up in the research and planning, though. Let yourself be inspired by the idea of the story. Just don't jump in without a little preamble and focus, okay? Right. Glad we're all in agreement.

So, wish me luck! Do you have any writing tips for me?

~Koree/Caitlin ~