Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Days of Dreams

I am the Princess of Random :) Did you know that?

So I found this blog called "A Dream Day" (look for Reimena Ashel Yee under the blogs I'm following), and I was, shall we say "inspired," by it :) Not the blog, exactly, but the idea behind it.

This girl has undertaken an adventure to make her life exciting. I have God, so I'm already on one exciting and glorious adventure! But I love random things, and doing creative things, so...

Every day, I'm gonna try to do something that I have dreamed about doing (not literally dreamed in sleep - my dreams are way to weird for that (: )! Like wearing something crazy, waking up before the dawn and sitting in the quiet stillness, randomly talking to strangers, yelling joyful phrases in the middle of a bustling city...

You get the idea :) should be interesting! Now, what should I do today?

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