Inked Scrawls

The Sequel to Invisible Ink

{This is an excerpt that I plan on putting on the back of the book. I really do hope to get it published.}

“Where are you going?” Roger asked.
“Just the theater.”
“Is it...a date?” he looked up curiously.
“I was just asking. No need to bite my head off.”
“Actually, there is.” Lacy moved to the oven and checked the pizza. “You shouldn't even think about me ever going on a date.” Unless, of course, the boy in the picture just happened to ask me out...She startled herself by thinking. His face appeared instantly in her head, and she had to focus on the pizza for a few seconds before she was back to normal.
If only I knew his name...

Lacy is back, changed and alive and not going back to her life before...before...well, her therapist. It's a little hard to talk about still. But she's happy about the change. If I only her dream boyfriend would show up. And she can't seem to get the guy in the picture out of her head...